What types of businesses need merchant accounts?

More and more customers use debit and credit cards as their main purchase tools. Every business can benefit from dependable merchant services. Along with improved sales, you’ll see better business efficiency, easier tracking, and enhanced safety from theft and fraud and improved customer satisfaction. Regardless of what you sell or how many customers you handle, a merchant account from CreditCardProcessing.com gives you more power over your business in a simple, secure way.

What types of tools do you provide for credit card processing?

We offer simple credit card terminals for all types of businesses. Wireless and wired options are available, and with our online credit card processing tools, your business can start accepting online payments right away.

By offering a variety of terminals, we can help your business select the right option for fast customer processing and excellent growth. Our terminals are easy to use and extremely fast.

Can I accept payments through a physical terminal and on my website through the same service?

Yes. Our merchant services effectively integrate physical and online credit card processing. Your business will be able to handle online payments as quickly and securely as physical payments, with SSL-secured processing and convenient online forms to make it easier for your customers to make purchases and receive receipts.

How long will it take to start accepting credit and debit card payments?

Your business can start accepting payments within a few days, depending on the options you select and the complexity of your merchant account needs. Our experts will work with you to set up physical or online processing as quickly as possible.

I have international customers. Can CreditCardProcessing.com handle their payments?

Yes. One of the major benefits of our merchant services is that your business can branch out into international markets and easily handle different types of currency. Currency conversion is very simple through our merchant accounts, and you’ll see improved customer satisfaction when dealing with your international clients.

How safe are your merchant account services?

We meet all federal guidelines for secure credit card processing and handling. The financial safety of your business and your customers is our absolute highest priority.

What rates should I expect?

Rates and monthly costs vary depending on the size of your business, the number of transactions you handle on a regular basis, the size of the transactions and other factors. We provide some of the lowest rates available, and our no-obligation free quote is a great way to get an idea of prospective costs before signing up for merchant services. Contact us today for a quote via phone or fill out our simple online form for a fast response.