NPC/ Vantiv provides merchants payment systems that accept EMV smart chip card transactions in San Diego

The EMV merchant adoption remains sluggish a year later. That is the message conveyed by The Strawhecker Group, a management consulting company focused on the global payment industry, based on the results of its survey regarding this credit card processing standard.

The survey found that 44% of U.S. card-accepting merchants have EMV terminals. The group also found that, less than a month away from the anniversary of the EMV liability shift, 29% of merchants in the U.S. are actually able to accept chip-based transactions – a big difference from its January estimate, which stated that over 50 % would have an EMV terminal by this time.

According to the survey results, there are several hurdles affecting EMV merchant adoption:

  • Processor readiness (according to 47% of the respondents)
  • Replacement POS, Terminal readiness (47% of the respondents)
  • Gateway readiness (45% of the respondents)

The survey also found that the projected EMV acceptance is seen at 51% in December this year, 62% in March next year, and 90+% later than March 2017.

Why upgrade to this new global standard for credit card processing?

“These new and improved cards are being deployed to improve payment security, making it more difficult for fraudsters to successfully counterfeit cards,” says Julie Conroy, a research director for Aite Group’s Retail Banking practice and covers fraud, data security, anti-money laundering, and compliance issues.

In short, it means greater protection against fraud.

Here’s more about the transition and the EMV chip-equipped credit card:

  • EMV cards are more secure than traditional cards
  • EMV cards are processed in two steps – the card reading and the transaction verification
  • EMV cards can also support contactless reading aka near field communication
  • EMV cards, if compromised, losses from the transaction fall back on the payment processor or issuing bank


NPC / Vantiv provides merchants a more secure payment processing system in San Diego

NPC / Vantiv has been helping businesses in San Diego by providing them the payment processing solutions most ideal for the type of business they have. The company provides a reliable and more secure credit card processing system that is compliant with the latest standards. In fact, the company was the first payment processor to successfully process an EMV Smart Chip card transaction in the area.

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