Chip and pin processing San Diego

With lots of purchase payments done through credit cards today, it makes sense that a store sets up a credit card processing system that is reliable. After all, this process involves some serious amount of money; it means business to cater those customers who are paying through credit or debit card (as an alternative to cash).

A reliable chip and pin processing system is one that can help stores and businesses process credit card payments with relative ease. With the help from a chip-enabled terminal, chip and PIN cards can prevent many types of credit card fraud as well as scam-related chargebacks.

If you are running a business in California area, a service provider of chip and pin processing in San Diego can help in dealing credit card transactions. These are some specific benefits of chip and PIN processing:

  • Ensures that card is authentic as Chip technology is virtually impossible to copy; combining with the use of PIN, it helps reduce fraud in case the card is stolen or if there’s a counterfeit one.
  • Helps reduce chargeback risks – with Chip and PIN, signature verification is not necessary
  • Faster authentication – Chip and PIN provide faster authentications than requesting and verifying a cardholder’s signature.

Chip and PIN cards quick facts

  • Chip and PIN cards are cards that contain a chip that encrypts account information
  • PIN is only known to the cardholder making it more secure from fraud
  • Since its first use, cases of credit card fraud in the US have gone down by 60%
  • Almost 700,000 merchant locations ready to process chip card payments.
  • Can be used at ATMs, transactions are processed with the Chip technology in combination with PIN.

Chip and PIN processing San Diego

For merchants located in San Diego, CA who are still to set-up a chip and PIN processing system, there are a number of service provider that offers help in the area. You can contact us anytime for your inquiries.