Merchant Processing Riverside County

Operating a business in Riverside County? There have been some recent changes to merchant processing that may directly affect you.

In case you haven’t heard as of October 1st all businesses in the Unites States must be EMV compliment. Essentially, all business operators must upgrade their electronic payment devices to be able to process the new EMV (Chip and Pin) cards. The official date for this change was back in 2015. However, it has become very apparent that many business owners have yet to upgrade their payment processing equipment.

The fact that so many businesses have failed to upgrade their merchant processing devices in Riverside County, is quite unsettling. The main reason why this mandatory change occurred is because of the increase in instances of Credit Card fraud that have been happening in the U.S! Now, liability has been shifted to the merchants. With the new EMV (Chip and Pin) credit cards, banks and credit card lenders are no longer responsible for fraudulent charges and merchants are being held responsible. Since it is nearly impossible to make a fraud charge on a pin protected card the chances of these cards being falsely charged is much more unlikely. It is now up to business owners to make sure that all customers input their pin when making a purchase. This assures that the credit card purchase is acknowledged by the person buying the product or service.

If you run a business in the Riverside County area and have not yet upgraded your payment processing equipment to accept these new cards, you really should get on it! At NPC we specialize in providing business operators with merchant processing solutions that are up to date and comply with the latest electronic payment rules. Anyone who is currently using payment processing equipment provided by NPC can be upgraded to EMV payment processing services at no additional charge. New customers can get some of the best rates on Chip and Pin ready payment processing equipment through our representatives.

In order to run your business you need to be able to accept the new EMV cards. In order to protect your business you will want to make sure that you are EMV compliment. Not only will this protect your customers from fraudulent charges in your store, it will also protect you from any liability if fraud charges are made.

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