Merchant Processing Riverside County

Do you run a business in Riverside County?

These days it is nearly impossible to run a business without providing electronic payment options. People simply do not carry cash with them. You need to be able to quickly process all forms of electronic payment.

Recently, new changes in the United States have introduced the more secure EMV(Chip and Pin) cards. These cards are much more secure but do require a bit more time at the cash register. As of October 1st all businesses in the U.S were expected to upgrade their electronic payment system to accept the new EMV (Chip and Pin) cards.

If you have not upgraded your merchant processing service equipment then it is extremely important that you look into it immediately! Along with the introduction of the new cards new regulations have been introduced that hold merchants responsible for all fraud claims. No longer are the credit card companies taking responsibility.

For this reason all merchants should be in a hurry to upgrade their electronic payment processing equipment! By making sure that you can process EMV (Chip and Pin) cards in your place of business, you can lower the risk of fraud dramatically. Because the customer must be present and type in a secret pin when they make a purchase these cards are much more secure. By not upgrading you are putting your own business at risk.