San Diego Businesses Can Still Upgrade Their Payment Processing Terminals

Did you miss the October 1 deadline?

In October there was a major change to the way that business is done in the United States and it is called EMV. There have been over a billion EMV cards issued in the country, with all credit card providers in the process of upgrading their clients. EMV has become the global standard for credit card payment processing. October 1st was the formal deadline for all businesses in San Diego to be EMV compliment.

If you haven’t seen it yet, soon you will begin noticing the EMV chips on all credit cards. This little chip allows for more secure payments. Unlike the old magnetic stripes, the chip cannot be duplicated. This is good news for those who are concerned about fraud. The bad news is that business operators are going to have to upgrade their payment processing equipment in order to be able to accept these new cards.

This change impacts anyone who operates a business. If you do not upgrade your payment processing equipment you could be held liable for any fraudulent charges made in your place of business.

How to upgrade your Payment Processing Terminal!

At NPC credit card processing services in San Diego we are making it easy for merchants to upgrade.

If your old equipment is with an existing provider you can switch to NPC’s Blueplay. Simply contact one of our merchant account specialists and let them know that you want to upgrade. They will walk you through the process.

Switching to NPC now will save you money on the transactions that you process. We will provide you with modern equipment so that you can accept EMV chip cards and be protected.

Existing NPC customers can upgrade their payment processing equipment free of charge. All they need to do is contact us and they will receive a new terminal that is EMV ready, without changing their plan.

Don’t risk putting off upgrading your payment processing equipment any longer. If fraud occurs in your place of business the blame could fall on you! Instead, take the time to upgrade your merchant terminal so that you have nothing to worry about.

For more information about upgrading call (866) 495-9111 today!