Where to Get New EMV Terminals San Diego

NPC is the best place to upgrade your payment processing terminal in San Diego!

If you are still using an old electronic payment processing terminal then you must upgrade your terminal by October 1st. The reason for this is because of the new EMV cards that are being issued to customers. EMV is another name for the chip and pin cards. Chip and pin credit cards, require the customer to be present and input a pin when making a purchase. Without the pin the payment will not be processed. For this reason anyone using an outdated terminal will not be able to take credit card payments from their clients or customers. Not to mention new security rules may leave business operators responsible if credit card fraud is committed within their place of business. This alone is a good reason to make sure that your payment processing equipment is up to date.

Where can I get a new EMV terminal in San Diego?

The best place to acquire a new EMV terminal is NPC. Currently NPC credit card processing in San Diego is providing customers with free chip and pin upgrades.

There is no other company out there that is providing their clients with these new terminals free of charge. Not to mention, when you choose NPC you get some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Any business operator in San Diego who has not yet upgraded to the chip and pin technology should do so right away! With the October 1st deadline approaching quickly it is very important that business owners take action to get prepared. It is believed that over 60% of business operators will not upgrade their payment processing equipment in time! Do not put your business at risk by missing this opportunity.