Why Restaurants and Hotels Need to Upgrade Their Payment Processing Hardware

Why Restaurants and Hotels Need to Upgrade Their Payment Processing HardwareDo you operate a restaurant or a hotel in San Diego? You MUST read this.

Throughout the last year you may have noticed a slight change in the way that customers credit cards look. The new cards being issued have an EMV chip in them as an additional security measure. In order to eliminate credit card fraud U.S banks have decided to upgrade all consumer credit cards to the more advance EMV technology. This switch has been a long time coming for merchants and consumers.

In addition to the issuing of the new cards, by October 1st 2015 business owners must also have their electronic payment processing hardware upgraded so that they can securely process the new EMV cards. The reason for these is because new EMV cards require a secret pin number to be put in when making a purchase. In order to do this the customer must be present.

Although, this change is slight, for individuals who operate businesses such as restaurants and hotels it will make a dramatic difference in how customers pay with credit cards. Now, instead of passing the credit card off to the merchant to be processed on the electronic payment processing machine, wireless portable machines must now be brought to the customers.


Obviously, any restaurant or hotel operator who does not currently have wireless portable electronic payment process hardware will need to upgrade in order to comply to these new rules.

Currently, NPC is offering FREE electronic payment processing equipment upgrades for new and existing customers in San Diego. Whether you are an existing NPC client or looking to switch service providers you are eligible for this FREE upgrade.

It is suspected that less than 60% of restaurants and hotels will be fully prepared for the new changes when the October 1st deadline rolls around. Don’t let your business be one of the companies straggling behind! Contact an NPC retailer today to find out more about your FREE payment processing hardware upgrade.