Why Your San Diego Business Should Upgrade Its Payment Processing Equipment

As of October 1st 2015 all businesses are expected to be equipped to accept the new chip and pin cards. NPC credit card processing in San Diego is currently providing our customers with free chip and pin upgrades to help get our customers ready for this big change.

The leap to chip and pin will affect business operators in all industries. However, individuals who operate service related businesses such as restaurants and hotels should be especially concerned.

With the new chip and pin cards coming out, customers will need to be present when their credit card payments are processed so that they can put their personal pin number into the device. To make this process convenient, wireless credit card processing equipment is needed. If you have not yet upgraded to one of our wireless credit card processing machines, there is still time.

With a wireless merchant account from NPC you will be able to process credit cards anywhere within your place of business. Our wireless machines are guaranteed to be secure.


There are 3 key benefits to choosing wireless payment processing equipment from NPC in San Diego:

  1. The ability to accept credit cards anywhere within your location. You can also take your processing terminals with you.
  1. There are a selection of wireless merchant services and equipment available through NPC. You can choose the electronic payment equipment that suits your businesses needs.
  1. All of NPC’s electronic payment processing equipment complies with the latest PCI standards. We are committed to security and privacy. Why Upgrade Your Equipment With NPC? All card issuing banks in the U.S will no longer be providing protection to merchants who continue to swipe cards using the magnetic strips. After the October deadline businesses who do not upgrade will have to assume liability for any fraudulent transactions.

All of the new smart cards require the cardholder to enter in their pin number into the terminal before their payment will be processed. Service industries such as restaurants and hotels must provide customer-facing terminals and mandatory pay-at-the-table options.

Even though the new policy deadline is growing closer NPC is still providing wireless payment equipment upgrades for new and existing NPC San Diego customers.
To find out more about upgrading your payment processing terminal contact NPC Payment Process San Diego today and inquire about a free terminal upgrade.