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Did you recently start a new business? Are you looking for mobile merchant services in San Diego and mobile merchant processing equipment?

The best way to process electronic payments is with mobile merchant processing equipment that uses the new CHIP and PIN technology. New business operators should invest in modern mobile payment devices that can process credit and debit cards that are equipped with chips. This will be the last year (2015) when credit cards and debit cards will be accepted with CHIP and PIN. Banks and other credit card providers are encouraging their customers to begin using their new cards and to destroy their non-secure strip only cards. For this reason any merchant who is not prepared to accept CHIP and PIN cards by the end of the year will be out of luck. Any new business operators in San Diego should make sure that they purchase electronic payment processing equipment that uses this technology. It is a bad idea to buy old or previously used payment processing devices.


Where to Get Your Mobile Merchant Services in San Diego

If you are a business operator in California looking for mobile merchant services in San Diego, look no further than On’s online store there is a wide variety of mobile electronic payment processing devices for sale that are full equipped to take CHIP and PIN cards.

These modern mobile merchant processing devices come in a selection of styles to suit the needs of business operators in any industry. They are also more secure than ever and very rarely malfunction or have errors.

There is no denying that it is practically impossible to run a business in this day and age without electronic payment processing equipment. Now, with the new CHIP and PIN technology becoming standard on every new card issued in the U.S all merchants must upgrade their devices to be able to accept payments on these cards.

Thankfully, has a selection of excellent options that are affordably priced for business operators. They also have a guaranteed warranty on all of the devices that they sell, so that business operators can feel secure when they buy their mobile merchant equipment from