All San Diego merchants must upgrade their electronic payment processing devices by October 2015!

Did you hear the news? As of October 2015 all electronic payment providers will no longer support old debit and credit cards that do not have chip and pin security.

Why does this matter? Well, if you have a business in San Diego then you should upgrade your electronic payment processing equipment as soon as possible.

Worried about the expense of upgrading your payment processing equipment? Don’t be. NPC Payments (one of the leading electronic payment providers) has a great exclusive upgrade offer. In fact, they are practically going to pay you to upgrade your device!


Things You Need to Know About Chip and Pin

1.) The Basics: “Chip and Pin” refers to the new debit and credit cards that require the cardholder to enter a pin when they are processing a payment.

2.) As of October 1st 2015 all merchants must have their systems upgraded to accept chip and pin cards.

3.) As of October 1st non chip and pin cards will be phased out. Cardholders are urged to contact their credit card provider or bank to have their card upgraded.

Now that you know what is happening the next step is to figure out how you are going to upgrade all of your electronic payment equipment. Thankfully NPC Payments San Diego has an amazing offer just for you.

“To quickly address this very real concern, NPC Payments, a company that provides electronic payment solutions to Southern California businesses, has begun offering new clients with a Complimentary upgraded credit/debit card terminal. In addition, business operators will also receive $100 from American Express. This free Smart Chip terminal plus $100 special offer by NPC Payments and American Express is executively available for business operators located in Southern California only until April 30th 2015.

Business operators interested in upgrading their electronic payment hardware with the latest payment EMV Smart Chip technology can contact NPC Payments today or visit to browse a selection of advanced payment processing equipment and services.” Read more…

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